My Services
Complimentary Consultation
I am happy to offer you a complimentary consultation where I can provide additional info, insider tips, guidelines, best advice for booking your honeymoon, destination wedding or romance getaway   Visit my CONTACTS page and complete the info form.

Before You Book Your Reservation:
Before you decide where you want to go, I can help you do any sort of research whether it's questions about any resort, checking price quotes (and we will price match), questions about the destination or anything travel related at all.  Best of all I don't charge any fees to book your travel!  I don't want you to worry about the money so by guaranteeing the best possible price, combined with my services, you will have the best travel experience possible.   Even if you are doing research on your own, you might have some questions that may warrant a call directly to the resort (not their res center).  No problem, I'm happy to make the call. 

Booking Your Reservation
When I book your reservation, here is exactly what I do:
Book your accommodations (naturally)
Check for any bonuses you should be receiving and add them to your record
Put in any requests from you.
Add air if applicable (then of course seat assignments and luggage info)
Offer you travel insurance.
Send you your confirmation.
This is second nature to me as I understand how easy it is for a consumer to make a mistake on his or her own.

After You Book Your Reservation

I continue to help with your reservation in anyway possible.  Whether it's a request, a question, reserving spa appointments/island excursions, preference forms, a special surprise for your sweetie - remember I am here for YOU!   I will also allow plenty of time in notifying you of your final confirmation.

During Travel

One of the greatest assests I have found is that I can stay in touch with you while you are away.  It is absolutely fabulous.  While in transit or at the resort itself, it's so easy these days to send a message via email, fb, etc.  If your plane is delayed, we can easily notify the resort;  if you need something while at the resort (even ask me to reconfirm your flights coming home) I  am  here to help.  I am just a touch point away.

After Travel

Whether you left something behind at the resort, a question related to your stay, taking care of any problems while you traveled or signing up for any after travel programs or anything else you might have on your mind, I am here to assist.